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Second Life is a virtual world where real people login and control a 3d representation called an avatar. Bots are avatars who do not have a human directly controlling them. There are many variations, from bots who do nothing but wait for instructions from their master avatar, to those that run completely independently on their own A.I.

This site is dedicated to providing information about which bots exist in Second Life, as well as how you can get involved by interacting with one or purchasing your own.

Eventually we also hope to provide a registry of all bots within Second Life so that all users can be better informed about whether they are interacting with a bot or a real person.

Bots for Purchase

Name Functions Link Price
VBM Bots:
  • Customer Service Bot
  • Invisibot
  • Lifebot
  • Interact with customers
  • Increase traffic
  • Make your parcel seem more alive
Coming Soon L$ TBD
JVA Second Life Bot Group management SLExchange L$3000
Thoys' Second Life Bot Companion alt, no AI L$?

Bot Videos

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Bot that changes appearance

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